姓名板美化 Tidy Plates v6.1.9

姓名板美化 TidyPlates v6.1.9

版本: v6.1.9 LOGO
作者: danltiger
更新时间: 2011-03-16
界面语言: 通用/简体中文
WOW版本: 3.x/4.x
来源: wowi
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6、通过命令 /tidygrey 快速配置;

3、通过命令 /tidydps 快速配置;


Embrace Darkness









8、Embrace Darkness皮肤风格(仅支持WOW3.3):
Embrace Darkness



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r229 (6.1.8 )
- PTR bug fixes (Neon Threat Glow was turning green)
- Debuff widget will clear aurainstance tables when combat ends (regen returns)
- Added Health Text option: Approximate Health (will show 2 decimal places for thousands (k) and millions (M), with suffix)
- Added Text option, "Use Default Blizzard Font"; This will use the font defined by the global variable, 'NAMEPLATE_FONT'. This should improve the situation for non-latin charcter sets (this is for you, Chinese, Russians, Taiwanese, and Koreans.. xoxo)

r212 (6.1.7)
- Changed from thousand/million suffix for health text to using a thousands seperator
- Restored PTR support (last time I checked)
- Moved Quatre Raid Icon to similar position as Neon (to left side of health bar)

- The update function for debuff icons are now exposed via, widget.Poll
- Added Threat Wheel to Hub/function set
- Reverted to original health % mode; ie. does not show % when full health. if you like it the other way, edit TidyPlatesHub\functions.lua. I like it this way, and dammit, it's my software ;-)
- WoW 4.1 Compatibility (should work on 4.0.x and 4.1, concurrently. I have not tested on the PTR, though)

r199 - Raid Tank Coloring in Tank mode. Automatically used when in "By Threat" Modes.
- Theme list is now Alphabetized
- Better handling when previous theme selection does not exist
- Debuffs of the same spell-id are now handled more securely
- Reset button in main panel will now reset variables on 'click', turn enemy plates ON and friendlies, OFF
- 'shift-clicking' will clear and restore the variables, and reload the ui
- Reset buttons in hub panels also now have a 'click' behavior to reset the variables without reloading the UI
- 'shift-clicking' will still clear the tables and reload the ui
- First-run config, turns off friendly nameplates by default
- Added a link to the Blizzard "Names" panel via the Tidy Plates theme chooser panel

r186 - Default Hub Values changed to more closely resemble 6.0.8 defaults (Blue, Orange Scheme, Threat Warning Glow/Triangles turned On)
- A variable reset may be required to revert to the defaults
- First-run config, "friendly unit bug" fix

- Created a group information watcher.
TidyPlatesUtility.GroupMembers = {} a table
.Names = {} Returns a name if you pass it a unitid
.Tanks = {} If you pass it a name, it will tell you if the unit is a tank
.Class = {} Returns a class if you pass it a name
.Role = {} Returns a role if you pass it a name
.UnitId = {} Returns a unitid if you pass it a name
.Type = "solo" Returns the group type; "solo", "party", "raid"
.Size = 1 Returns the size of the group
TidyPlatesUtility:EnableGroupWatcher() a function
TidyPlatesUtilityisableGroupWatcher() another function
- Spell Cast Monitor will now catch channeled spell events (Note: Channeled spells do not animate in reverse. Bite me.)
- Created a group member aggro watcher. (Gonna change this to be under TidyPlatesUtility)
Pass it a name of a party membmer, and it'll tell you if that person has aggro
- Removed the troubleshooting panel.
- Changed "Notes" in TOC
- Spell cast watcher now watches the combat log for casting associated with marked units (raid icons), and will display the cast warning on those units in lieu of a GUID or name.
- Spell Cast events now trigger the SetAlpha functions (in addition to the scale and text functions)
- Spell Cast events send this data to the delegate functions, in addition to normal unit information:
unit.isCasting = true
unit.spellName = spell
unit.spellIsShielded = notInterruptible

- The LoadTheme function is now accessible to external software, via: TidyPlates.LoadTheme("name").
- Removed the '.InterfacePanel' interface panel pointer variable. Replaced with .ShowConfigPanel, which is a function that is called when the wrench icon is clicked
- Threat Line (Tug) widget scales to frame width (default of 100)
- Added Name text color delegate, SetNameColor
- Sets a unique frame level for each plate (up to 125)
- Raises frame level of current target to a high frame level (126), and return it to previous when done.

- bug fixes
- layering tweaks
- changed default hitbox size to match original
- Grey and Neon tweaks

- fixed: Neon/Tank Health Text
- fixed: Neon/Tank Threat Wheel
- fixed: Mouseover errors during nameplate init

- fixed: highlight region used to occasionally turn on when the nameplates would show.
- fixed: Selection box couldn't be turned off in Neon
- fixed: depth/layering (ok, i went back to using active alpha override, rather than virtual parenting)

- Fixed Neon/Tank saved variables

- More bug fixes (Threat line widget "pet")

- Bug Fixes

- add icons for the "configure theme" functions
- making any changes in the interface panel will now apply the changes in real-time (no more 'apply' button)

- Removed and restructured some of the OnUpdate code (to prevent some nil errors)
- Added interface panel option for the cast watcher, directly in the /tidyplates panel (so any theme can use it)
- Click on theme name in theme chooser window to bring up linked panel (supplied to, theme.InterfacePanel = panelframe)

r72-76: (38,606)
- Anchoring and event handling fixes
- The theme loader will now call 'theme.OnActivateTheme' (a theme function) when the active theme is changed. it passes two value to the function: the active theme table, and the active theme name.
- The theme loader will call the theme.OnActivateTheme with nil values for ALL themes when a theme is changed. See the Neon/Tank functions.lua for how and why it's supposed to be used.
- Numerous bug fixes
- The new casting system has been finished. Neon/Tank will activate it automatically, but you can use '/run TidyPlates:StartSpellCastWatcher()' to enable it for any theme.

- Massive changes. Your themes may not work...
- Removed Cvar for Bloattest
- Added external access for plates tables
- Changed MANY names for things. See the TidyPlatesDefaults.lua file for the new format names. To enable an element, use the .show tag under each element. (No more options.showName = true, etc)
- Added "spelltext" which replaces one of the special text fields.
- removed specialtext fields. replaced with "spelltext" and "customtext"
- Returned to Virtual Parenting (Tidy Plates Frames are NOT children of the base nameplate. They are just anchored)
- Elite segments have been removed from the healthborder and threatborder. Use multi-style if you want different textures
- Elite icon has been added to replace elite segments
- Skull icon texture can now be changed
- Cast bar will continue to display on previous target when you change targets (guesstimated)
- Cast bar will start on a target if you change TO that target, and they are casting a spell (guesstimated)
- The cast bar may not register interupts fully. But, it will let you know that the unit is casting. Quit whining, you babies.
- Preliminary Spell Cast Monitor, in place. Not yet activated. You can find this code under the widget folder, in SpellCastMonitor.lua, if you want to enable/play with it.
- At this stage of development, If you can't figure out how to enable it on your own, YOU SHOULDN'T.
- Changed the update functions a wee bit to try and reduce CPU load. Some plates may not be updating correctly. Complain wisely (ie. with specifics) and it shall be fixed.
- Added a selection box item to the visual elements. find it under, theme.target

- Grey has been included

- Commented-out "Other Tank" code in Neon; It needs more polish
- The Grey theme has been left out of 5.15 on purpose; I'm phasing-out including it with the main package. Neon will become the default theme, and Grey+Others will get their own package at some later date.

- Mass Update queue will now kill the other mass update requests if a full update was scheduled
- Messed about with Neon/Tank, and added some new code to test, regarding aggro and friendly unit debuffs.

- lil' Core changes

- Numerous bug fixes (some of them pretty big)
- "Culling of Old Widget Code"
- Various optimizations
- Reordering of updates (Delegate functions will get updated on TidyPlates:Update() calls, regardless of the 'unit' table having changed)

The R65 release contains the test version of Graphite.

- Lil' bug fixes

- Neon now keeps a "Known targetOf list" table, which delegate functions access to highlight non-tanked targets
- Added a simple Combat Log Analyzer to Debuff Widget (To report debuff cancelation back to ID'd units)
- Tank role recognition in Threat Line Widget
- Totem Icon Widget Included in WidgetLib. Not yet in Neon.
- Changed internal cast bar code in prep for cast warning system (slated for 5.16). oddities might occur. I'll fix as discovered

- fixed nil values during set scale
- adjusted neon font to 'Qlassik', size, and position for better clarity
- added some comments to the default theme file
- threat line widget will not update on a unit until there is a threat table; meaning, if you're solo, you won't see anything.

- Commented-out improved cast bar code; Saved for another cycle
- removed unit.targetOf determination; too much cpu utilization
- some optimization of the OnUpdate function to improve fading performance
- Fixed color picker widget being placed under the interface options window
- theme.SetAlpha functions should just return a single value, for absolute alpha (0.0-1.0). additional returns are ignored
- The theme template table (the one with all the default values) has been changed to no longer look like the Grey theme. The Grey theme's media is now stored in its own folder. Choosing "None" as a theme option will show name-text, only.
- TP previously tried to associate arena, party, raid member guids to a nameplate (by name). This has been removed due to cpu considerations
- Changelog has been updated ;-)

- Still cranky
- fixed the Avoid overlap thingy
- added some update throttling for threat line widget
- commented out some friendly unit guid identification code

- I'm exhausted and sick and I don't want to even think about this stupid changelog thing and it's a miracle that I'm actually uploading this and I'm going to go to my freaking bed so I can be less cranky in the morning. I'm also hungry, dammit.

- Improved Fade
- Added a unit.targetOf variable, which the core will attempt to fill, depending on if there is a path to that unit (target, mousover, raid1target, party2target, etc.. doesn't fill from arena, yet)
- Added a .backdrop tag to the statusbars in the style table for themes; The image will appear behind the statusbar.


* Improved Tug-o'-Threat Widget
- Widget will try to acquire threat data from raid members

* Nameplates will now fade in when they appear

* Improved Cast Bar
- Will now try to estimate the cast of a
unit, without being targeted.

5.13.4 & .5:
Updated TOC file for 4.0
Removed CVar setting for Overlap


* Alpha is now updated when health changes
* Threat widget will now properly update on current target when threat data changes

* Fixed Alpha == 0 update problems (Not updating name, health)
* Fixed Neon panel (Not holding values)

* Modified layering
* Mainstream Release!

* Updates and fixes to Neon (including Unit Level)
* Inclusion of Graphite (just a peek at an upcoming theme)
* Layering adjustment
* Removal of some beta debug code

* New theme callback function: OnContextUpdate. Triggered when the GUID of a unit is updated.
* SetThreatColor will trigger for every unit, with no filtering, allowing the designer to use the
Threat Glow for other purposes (such as debuff tracking)
* Neon and Grey Panels are parented to their own category.
* Neon Panel has been updated
* New Neon features:
- Threat glow border
- Class Icon
- Debuff Widget Config

- Modified the theme table preprocessor to fill in values on the incoming theme table, rather than generating a totally segregated table.
- The style application function will now use that updated custom theme table
- Theme styles can be modified in real-time, and updated with TidyPlates:ForceUpdate()
- Theme reload will only be required when new styles are added, after the initial loading. (to multi-style themes)

- Added SetCastbarColor function

- Added SetThreatColor function

- Modified the core to reduce the workload on data updates.
More specifically, I've made new paths for update requests
which avoid updating every single piece of data when only
a single value has changed.
- Cleaned up some code, and added some new comments

Hopefully fixed the nil health values

* Bugs! Ick!


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